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Can Poverty Lead to Mental Illness?

The Science of Poverty and Mental Health

The (obvious) linkages between poverty and mental health, and ongoing
research to analyze what improves one or the other is examined here:

Hidden homelessness in Canada

In 2014, about 2.3 million Canadians aged 15 and over—representing 8% of the population—reported that sometime in their lives they had to temporarily live with family, friends, in their car or somewhere else because they had nowhere else to live. This situation is referred to as "hidden homelessness."

The "hidden homeless" population differs from the homeless population living on the streets or in shelters. The hidden homeless are people who access accommodation but have no immediate prospect of permanent or stable housing.

New study confirms Toronto as Child Poverty Capital of Canada

The report also reveals huge gendered, colour-coded, disability-based, family make-up and other disparities in family access to housing, food, transit, childcare and recreation.

Let's March for Housing as a Human Right on November 18

Date: Friday, November 18, Noon to 1 pm

Location: Queen's Park, 1 Queens Park Crescent East

Food, water and shelter are some of the most fundamental human rights,
yet Canada is facing an affordable housing and homelessness crisis.

Everything begins with housing - without it, no one can truly live
life with dignity.

RentSafe a Trillium-funded initiative - Deadline Oct 30

RentSafe frontline workers survey is now open, Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and Environment

Please share your experience working with clients living on a low income.

New training program and film tackle LGBTQ youth homelessness

Dr Alex Abramovich and CAMH

New training program and film tackle LGBTQ youth homelessness

Dr Alex Abramovich and CAMH

In September, CAMH Scientist Dr. Alex Abramovich and collaborators unveiled Toronto's first mandatory training program for shelters to better meet the needs of LGBTQ homeless youth. The new program aims to stop the violence and discrimination that many LGBTQ youth experience in shelters, which frequently lack staff training and other supports to assist LGBTQ youth.

Government of Canada launching Tackling Poverty Together Project in 2017

Detailed information available at  http://www.esdc.gc.ca/en/consultations/poverty_reduction.page

The Government of Canada is committed to developing a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy and will be consulting with Canadians in 2017 to gather views to help develop this strategy.


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