Frontline Partners with Youth Network (FPYN) is a network of people working directly with youth across sectors and the GTA. It emerged in December 2005, when a group of frontline workers came together to support each other in dealing with the effects of gun violence. Since then, the network has continued to grow as an expression of the heartfelt need among frontline workers to connect with each other – there are over 1500 people signed up for our e-newsletter, the Mish Mash. At the core of our network is a bold, real, innovative, and dedicated group of people working from an anti-oppression framework directly with youth. Our network strives to continuously recognize the link between systemic oppression and the violence that initially brought us together in all that we do.

Our mission is to connect frontline workers to heal, learn and work for change. FPYN ensures that frontline workers, as community healers and builders, are able to access systems support and training, reflection and advocacy, and information/resource sharing. The network has also developed and will continue to develop resources specific to responding to the grief and trauma frontline workers face on a regular basis. FPYN continues to evolve and develop through supporting the energy, interests and passion of frontline workers to heal ourselves and to make systemic changes.

FPYN represents people working in every part of the city and in every sector including:
Child Protection
Community Development
Harm Reduction
Mental Health
Public Health
Social Services
Youth Justice

We work in programs funded by every level of government, by the United Way, by foundations and by private donors. Our positions include, but are not limited to:

Child and Youth Workers
Child Welfare Workers
Community Workers
Employment Counsellors
Probation Officers
Recreation Workers
Settlement Workers
Sexual Health Educators
Social Service Workers
Social Workers
Youth Outreach Workers