Community Healers Project - Support Circle for Frontline Workers of Colour - Sept 8 - 6 - 8:30pm

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the summer.  

Our support circle for people of colour in late July was small but powerful - we had some great in-depth discussion, and it was clear hearing from those that attended and many that weren't able to make it, that front-line and community workers of colour need a space to connect and talk. A few people mentioned that they needed a people of colour space to speak safely and would not likely attend if it were not designated people of colour only.  

Poverty in Canada, Implications for Health and Quality of Life

Canadian Scholars’ Press

Poverty in Canada provides a unique, interdisciplinary perspective on poverty and its importance to the health and quality of life of Canadians. This volume considers a range of issues that will...  To reader more, visit

Ontario Women’s Health Network

OWHN’s New Website!

We are happy to announce that the Ontario Women’s Health Network’s new, bilingual website is now live online at! Please visit the site and return often as we will be making regular updates, including to our new features:

·         Women’s Health Leadership Network

·         Women’s Health Portal

The Political Economy of Health Inequalities

Black Daddies Club partners with York University and Caribbean Tale International Film Festival

Time and time again, during yet another notoriously short Toronto summer, I have borne witness to and participated in various forms of community
in-gathering. One such in-gathering session took place during last month’s edition of the Breaking Bread Brunch series. Our folks turned out and brought not just good food to share with the other attendees, but also thoughtful minds and open hearts.

Calling all young people ages 15 to 25!!!

Calling all young people ages 15 to 25!!!

Have you heard about Parkour? 

Parkour is a physical activity involving jumping, running and crawling – use it to explore your own capabilities with your friends.

Parkour has been growing rapidly in Toronto for the past couple years. As it grows, we would like to share this exciting activity with more young people in order to expand the Parkour community in our city! 



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