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Managing Conflict for Not-for-Profit Managers

Tue, 11/10/2009 - 18:30
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Moheen Lombard - Scarborough Conflict Resolution Coordinator




Managing Conflict for Not-for-Profit Managers


Management workshop

Limited enrollment


This program is designed for Directors and Managers in the Not-for-Profit Sector


This three part workshop will enhance the ability of leaders to manage conflict within their organizations.  Over three sessions, you will be provided with an understanding of the sources of conflict and strategies for ensuring that conflict is productive rather than destructive.


FPYN Presents: De-construct and Discuss Counselling Youth- Tues Oct 6

Whether you are a counsellor, social worker, youth and child worker, outreach worker or someone involved in the front lines, please join us for a monthly discussion group.

We will continue conversations from an anti-oppressive framework that we started earlier such as reflecting and discussing our youth engagement, community development, supportive services and clinical/therapeuticcounselling practices.  Hope you will join us to keep these conversations going.

Tues, October 6 2009


Diversity in Action Manual Now Available from Regional Diversity Roundtable

Diversity in Action… Building Blocks of a Successful Diversity and Equity Program.

Based on workshops organized by the Regional Diversity Roundtable, this Train-the-Trainer Resource is an excellent primer for anyone interested in learning how to create lasting change within their organization.

This manual walks you through different components of developing a diversity and equity program. Some building blocks which are discussed include:

Narrative Training Follow-Up Discussion

FPYN hosted a Narrative Training Workshop in April 2009.  This workshop was run by Susan Allen from CAMH and Susan is kindly facilitating a follow-up discussion for those who previously attended or for anyone interested in discussing Narrative Therapy techniques. A great opportunity to discuss how you have integrated these techniques into your daily work, ask more questions and revisit Narrative concepts.


York University - Certificate in Harm Reduction


Certificate in Harm Reduction

The Certificate in Harm Reduction consists of 117 hours of instruction (3 courses in total) and is designed to introduce service providers, administrators and policy makers to the principles, concepts and practices of harm reduction; to provide an opportunity to critically examine examples of harm reduction work; and to become familiar with strategies for mobilizing support for and developing harm reduction programs in communities and institutions.  

Professional Poison: How Professionals Sabotage Social Movements, and Why Workers Should Lead Our Fight


Explains how professionals promote passivity and pessimism and why workers must lead the fight for a better world.


"Professionals dominate social change organizations and also hold them back. Despite their good intentions, professionals are a conservative force.

The skills they have acquired to serve an oppressive system are the opposite of the skills required to challenge that system."


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