Supporting Youth Grieving the Dying or Death of a Sibling or Parent: Considerations for Parents, Professionals, and Communities

Andrea Warnick

Opening the Conversation 

Program for Grieving Mothers

Although this program focuses on mothers who lost a child to gun violence we're also accepting mothers who lost a child to any circumstance.


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Rev. Sky


Rev. Sky Starr   (RMFT)  - Registered Marriage and Family Therapist 
                            Grief /Trauma/Addiction Specialist 

                            (CPC) - Certified Pastoral Counsellor;  

10th Annual Strawberry Ceremony for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Sat, 02/14/2015 - 12:30

14 February at 12:30 pm
Toronto Police Headquarters
40 College St., Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1A3

Strawberry Ceremony with Elder Wanda Whitebird begins at 12:30 at Police Headquarters, 40 College Street at Bay, Toronto

Community Feast at the central YMCA on Grosvenor Street - following the ceremony. Food provided by Na Me Res Native Men's Residence.

Please leave your agency and organization banners at home and instead make signs in honour of women, girls, Trans and Two Spirit people who have died violent and premature deaths.

“Lynching Rebranded”: Mothers Who Lost Children To Police Violence Speak Out

Who has felt the pain of police killings more acutely, more intimately than the mothers of the victims of police violence? Armed with their pain and a will to change the system, some of these mothers met in
Washington earlier this month to find ways to work together.

By Sean Nevins  @seannevins     | December 17, 2014

Supporting your child during not-so-happy holidays, by counsellor Lindsay

Kids Help Phone

Supporting your child during not-so-happy holidays, by counsellor Lindsay

It’s never easy to get used to shorter days with the falling mercury. For many of us, the cold temperatures are made more tolerable knowing that the winter holidays are just around the corner.

But as a Kids Help Phone counsellor, I’ve talked to a lot of young people who really don’t see the holidays as a bright spot.

PRO-Effort Community Launch ! - Fashion Show, Networking & Showcasing Natural Black Hairstyles! Come out to support us in Empowering, Educating, & Uplifting the GTA's Black Community!

FORGET ME NOT: walk to remember the youth who have been lost to the streets

Sun, 12/07/2014 - 11:00

We MAY NOT have $$$, we MAY NOT have donors,
we DO have RESILIENCE, and we do inspire HOPE.
This year we ask you all to join our walk,

we have nothing to provide but we are as real as it comes to creating awareness, we see an issue we deal with it, we see injustice we advocate, we see people that matter to us being forgotten we remind others.


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