Thank You

Thank you Youth Action Network for taking on FPYN as a project, paying for and The mish/mash and for being open to support all the ways FPYN is evolving.  


We would not exist without the AMAZING volunteer support from our Stewardship Group Members, our Constellation Leads and our CORE members and supporters (you know who you are). Thank you to our Friends of FPYN for being our trusted advisors.

*** Thank you to all those frontline workers for doing what you do every day.

Thank you also to:

Centre for Social Innovation

Centre for Social Innovation 

We started out as an incubated project of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI)CSI and specifically, Tonya Surman and Eli Malinsky, helped us develop our governance structure and initial processes, they helped us secure funding, gave us space, promoted our work, trusteed our funds and many other things! We are grateful to CSI for believing in us.  

Laidlaw Foundation 

We are grateful to the visionary support from the Laidlaw Foundation who supported us for 5 years - almost from the beginning!

Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO (the Centre)

We are the recipients of a Community Mobilization Award from the Centre.  Here's the report we did: