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a blog post from "The Mighty: We face disability, disease and mental illness together"  
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Our Office has partnered with the Janusz Korczak Association of Canada to produce two books written by those who, as children, lived in an orphanage in Poland run by a man many considered to be “the  father of children’s rights during the 1930’s and 40’s.
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Legal Aid Ontario (LAO) has created a client-geared factsheet meant to be used by clinics and community agencies to build awareness about LAO's services. It includes topics such as, What is children's aid? When does children's aid become involved with a family? What are my rights? Why call LAO?...
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How to avoid misleading language and misunderstandings about rules that lead to landlords taking advantage of you by  Jonathan Robart  March 28, 2016 
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Social Planning Toronto is pleased to present our report entitled “Newcomer Youth Access to Recreation: Relationships, Resources and Relevance”. Please find attached a message from our Executive Director, Sean Meagher, and a copy of the report for your reference.
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Using stories, art, and poetry created by kids, thisbooklet defines restorative justice, then looks at how it is used in thecriminal justice system and in the community. Included are activity pages for young people. This publication was produced by organizationsin Northern Ireland, so some of the...
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Hoodies Up! Black Lives Matter! by Rethinking Schools By Moé Yonamine