PACTBuild-Urban Barn Project Announcement for Winter 2010: Saturday February 27th, 2010

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Referral Agents,
After a very popular and successful inaugural run last year, we are happy to announce that we will once again be offering our PACTBuild-Urban Barn project starting on Saturday February 27th, 2010 and running for six consecutive Saturdays from 10am-4pm. Youth that attend all sessions of this project can accrue up to 36 CSO hours.
Please find details about this project below and you can also visit our website for more information and directions at
We are looking for up to 8 youth to fill this project, so please get those referrals into me ASAP to ensure a spot for your clients.
The PACTBuild-Urban Barn Project Details:
Project Overview:
The PACTBuild-Urban Barn project is a real world woodworking and construction project for youth at risk and/or in conflict with the law across the GTA. Throughout the six week project, the youth will develop practical carpentry and construction skills working as part of a crew in a positive teamwork based environment building a custom 8’x8’ garden shed to be installed in one of PACT’s well-known community or school based vegetable gardens. This project provides a wonderful opportunity for youth to give back to PACT and the community in a direct and meaningful way as the garden sheds that are constructed support our PACT Farm in the City project by providing the required storage and a covered work area for each of our garden plots across the City. In turn, the PACT Farm in the City Project and related Toronto Urban Food Initiative are dedicated to providing GTA based food banks with fresh and locally grown produce all year long.
The program provides a safe and non-judgemental environment where youth can fulfill Community Service Orders, ignite a passion, and acquire valuable and tangible skills, while also gaining a sense of belonging and self esteem by seeing a project through to completion.
Project Location and Directions:
The six-session program is based out of our newly donated PACT Factory and woodworking shop located in south Etobicoke, minutes from the Mimico GO station and easily accessible via the Royal York subway station on the Bloor line of the TTC.
The workshop is located at 101 Portland Street, on the southwest corner of Portland and Windsor street.
Directions from Royal York subway station: Take bus route 76 southbound on Royal York. Get off the bus at Melrose st, and walk one street south to Portland. See map for exact location.
Directions from Mimico GO station: Walk north on Windsor st. to Portland.
Here is a link to a map of our PACTBuild Woodworking shop:,-79.498143&spn=0.007114,0.013797&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A
Program Structure and Curriculum:
Week One:
-       Introduction to workshop safety
-       Lesson: Types and sizes of materials
-       Lesson: Anatomy of a wall      
Week Two:
-       Lesson: Measure twice, cut once.
-       Build: Wall frames
-       Build: Roof frame
Week Three:
-       Build: Walls and roof
-       Lesson: Painting 101
-       Paint: Pre-paint trim, paint walls and doors
Week Four:
-       Lesson: Roofing 101
-       Shingle roof while on ground
-       Pre-cut trim pieces
Week Five:
-       Assemble shed
-       Install trim, hardware, final touches
Week Six:
-       Unveiling reception
-       Graduation ceremony
-       Pizza party
Health & Safety Requirements: 
Inline with the PACT Health and Safety Policy, students will be given safety training prior to using any tools or machines, and over the course of the program, will learn how to safely and effectively use a variety of hand tools and power tools. The program is introductory in nature, so no previous experience is necessary.
IMPORTANT: Students must arrive in appropriate, shop-safe attire. Excessively loose or baggy clothing, and hanging drawstrings (ie. on a hooded sweatshirt) can easily become a hazard and are not permitted. Students should also expect dust or paint to get their clothes, and bring a change of clothes if needed. Further safety procedures will be outlined in the first session.
About the Instructor:
The program instructor, Richard Siebert, has industry experience in fine woodworking, home renovation, and building restoration. He has studied architecture at the post-secondary level and is currently studying civil engineering at the University of Toronto.
To make a referral:
Please visit our website at  for all additional info regarding this projects including program descriptions and directions etc.
To make a referral or inquiry please contact Ben Marshall at or 416-656-8824. Please note that making referrals by email is always a good method as this creates an official record of the request and makes it much easier for me to manage at this end. I will always respond to let you know I have received your referral and that I have added the youth to the attendance list. The youth will always receive a welcome call prior to the project start date.
When making a referral on behalf of a youth, by email or telephone, please provide the following minimum amount of information:
1)   The specific LifeSkills project you are referring to (including location) and start date
2)   Name and contact info of Referral Agent
3)   Full name of Youth- (Please note: do not include last name of youth in subject line of email)
4)   Parent/Guardian Name
5)   All available contact info.
6)   Any special instructions or important info.
Best regards,
Ben Marshall
The PACT Urban Peace Program
Program Manager
Work 416-656-8824
Cell 416-727-2971
Fax  416-916-2910