hEr VOLUTION Think Tank program advance registrations now open

hEr VOLUTION Think Tank Accelerator Program

Advance Registration now OPEN:


We are happy to announce that hEr VOLUTION will soon be accepting applications for the Think Tank Accelerator Program. We are now offering advance registration for the women who are serious about changing their lives!

What is the program about?

hEr VOLUTION Think-Tank Accelerator is designed to support and nurture young women in conflict with the law by providing an informative, hands-on and supportive environment during the critical stages of starting new endeavors. Participants will have direct access to hands-on business planning activities such as the forming of a business plan, marketing plan, financial planning and forecasting, coding for the web and public speaking skills.

The goal of this program is to increase the chance that young women in, or at risk of being in conflict with the law, will succeed in their chosen career in a relevant industry. This program is also a proven solution helping to increase diversion opportunities, reduce remand populations and stop the cycle of people exiting and re-entering correctional institutions. Think Tank Accelerator is designed to provide social development activities that seek to prevent the circumstances that create risk in the first place. Some of the circumstances are poverty and poor living conditions in addition to lack of role models.

Girls’ achievements and interests are shaped by the environment around them!

How can you get in?

  • Are you a young woman between 15 to 18 y/o?
  • Have you been in conflict with the law?
  • Do you believe to be at risk of being in conflict with the law due to:
    • The neighbourhood you live in and the crime in it?
    • Does your income prevents you from starting over?
    • Do you find yourself mixed up with the wrong crowd but you know you can do better?
    • Are you new to Canada?
    • Do you find it hard to find employment?
    • Do you want to start a business but feel stuck and don’t know where to start?

Early registrants will have the opportunity to be a part of the initial design of the program by expressing their needs and concerns. Their spots in the program will also be secured before the actual registrations will be open. Register before May 10 for the opportunity to be invited to the Committee meeting to share your thoughts and opinions on the program development. 

We are now accepting advance registrations for this program. In order to be in the know with all upcoming details and to reserve your seat, please sign up here. Should you require assistance with the application, please send us an email with your requirements at info@hervolution.org



Doina Oncel


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