INI Youth Grant - Deadline July 17, 2017

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Do you have a passion for improving your community?

Are you a youth group with a great idea that needs funding?

Are members of your youth group 15 to 29 years old?

If yes, the City of Toronto invites you to consider applying for a 2017 Identify ‘N’ Impact (INI) Grant. We want to fund 10 great ideas!

The purpose of the INI Investment program is to:

• Help to promote youth engagement and community safety in the City of Toronto

• Support youth to turn IDEAS into ACTION

• Motivate and encourage MVP youth MVP stands for Most Vulnerable People and is the acronym used to describe "youth most vulnerable to involvement in serious violence and crime" to become involved in their communities

MVP youth definition: TYES recognizes that there are various and intersecting factors that affect youth's resilience and vulnerability to involvement in serious violence and crime. The term MVP youth (Most Vulnerable People) is used to describe youth who face multiple and/or intersecting vulnerabilities identified in the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services' Roots of Youth Violence report. These roots include: Poverty, Racism, Community Design, Issues in the Education System, Family Issues, Health/Mental Health, Lack of Economic Opportunity and Issues In the Justice System. Through the City's work on gender based youth violence, Ability, Homophobia & Transphobia have been added as roots of youth vulnerability.'

The City of Toronto will support projects that:

• Encourage youth leadership within City of Toronto's Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (formerly Priority Neighbourhoods)

• Deliver meaningful opportunities for youth to be involved in their community

To be funded, project-proposals will be given priority if they:

• Work to advance issues outlined in the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy including: educational attainment, employment, housing, youth justice, mental health, life skills, mentorship and/or gender-based youth violence.

• Show that youth are the leaders in the project planning, management and delivery

• Involve youth from and/or based in one of the City's 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas(formerly Priority Neighbourhoods)

• Are led by or work with MVP youth 

• Are youth-led by groups that did not receive 2016 INI funding (Youth-led groups that received an INI grant last year are not eligible for INI funding this year)

For more information on the Toronto Youth Equity Strategy and MVP youth visit the

You can read the INI 2017 Guidelines and fill out the INI 2017 Application

Feel free to share information about the INI Grant by circulating this INI 2017 promo flyer to any Toronto youth groups interested in learning more!

The INI 2017 online written application DEADLINE is July 17, 2017.