The Prime Minister's Youth Council members

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What is the Prime Minister’s Youth Council?

A body of young Canadians aged 16 to 24, who will provide non-partisan advice to the Prime Minister on national issues such as employment, access to education, building stronger communities as well as climate change and clean growth, among others. Listening to the issues that matter most to young people is an important commitment of this government.

How many members will the Youth Council have?

We will select up to 30 youth, aged from 16 to 24, who will provide advice to the Prime Minister on youth issues. These members will come from diverse communities from all regions of Canada. They will bring a range of knowledge and experience to the table.

How will Council members provide policy advice to the Prime Minister?

The Prime Minister wants to hear from youth on subjects that matter to them and matter to all Canadians. The perspectives of youth will be one of many sources of relevant input that will go into the policy-making process.

What is expected of the Youth Council members?

As a Council member, you will meet both online and offline several times a year to discuss issues that matter to you, your community and your country. Council members will interact with each other outside of meetings to discuss ideas and upcoming activities and will engage with their communities.

Will I get paid to be a member of the Youth Council?

Members will be compensated for their time while conducting Youth Council business. Your accommodation and travel costs will also be covered when you attend meetings outside your home community.

How long will members sit on the Youth Council?

Youth members will sit on the Council for a mandate of up to two years.

Can I choose to leave the Youth Council before my mandate is over?

Yes. If you choose to do so, please let the Government of Canada know about your decision.

How do I apply? What are the terms and conditions?

First, you need to be between the ages of 16 to 24 at the time that you apply. Second, you will have to fill out the online application form.

You have from July 22 until August 12 (23:59 PT), 2016 to apply to be part of the first wave of Youth Council members who will meet with the Prime Minister in early October 2016. 

You have from July 22 until October 7 (23:59 PT), 2016 to apply to be part of the second wave of Youth Council members who will join the inaugural members to meet with the Prime Minister in 2017.

We will then review the applications and contact those of you selected to proceed to the interview stage.

If you submit your application after October 7, 2016, it will be considered for the next Youth Council recruitment campaign set to start in 2017-2018. Please note that for any future Youth Council intakes, to be considered eligible, you will need to be no older than 24 at the time that the selection closes.