Indigenous Graphic Designer (Freelance) - Deadline August 4, 2017

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness
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Indigenous Graphic Designer (Freelance) Canadian Observatory on Homelessness - Toronto, ON

Request for Proposals: Graphic designer to design the Definition of Indigenous Homelessness in Canada

Part 1: Introduction

The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH) is seeking to partner with an Indigenous graphic designer or an Indigenous-owned creative firm based in Canada to design the newly developed Definition of Indigenous Homelessness in Canada.

The definition, created in collaboration with dozens of community stakeholders, moves beyond the place-based definition that we are accustomed to using in our discussions and responses to homelessness. Instead, the Definition of Indigenous Homelessness redefines the concept of home as a “web of relationships that involves connections to human kinship networks; relations to animals, plants, spirits, and elements; relationship to the Earth, lands, waters, and territories; and connection to traditional stories, songs, teachings, names, and ancestors” (Thistle, 2016).

Excerpt from the Definition of Indigenous Homelessness

"To put it plainly: hundreds of years of colonialism has eroded, undermined and supplanted Indigenous cultural practices and their inclusive concept of “home,” replacing these with the Western ideals of patriarchy and a self-possessed, independent, “home.” Thus, Indigenous homelessness has been incorrectly understood by settlers as being without a structure of habitation or being roofless, when Indigenous homelessness is also about being without “All My Relations.” Being without a physical structure is only a symptom of the root causes of Indigenous homelessness—being without social, cultural, spiritual, emotional, and physical relationships."

About the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (COH) is the largest national research institute devoted to homelessness in Canada. The Observatory is an internationally recognized leader, with a focus on conducting and mobilizing research to contribute to real and sustainable policy and practice solutions. The COH is the steward of the Homeless Hub, the world’s largest online repository of homelessness research.The COH and its predecessor, the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, both SSHRC-funded collaborative partnership-based projects directed by Dr. Stephen Gaetz, have led to a major transformation in community-based and collaborative homelessness research in Canada. The COH’s partnership model includes leaders from 28 key organizations across the country and internationally (including service providers, policy makers, students), as well as a large and expanding team of 30 researchers, and people with lived experience of homelessness.

Part 2: Deliverables

The COH will launch the definition at the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness Conference in October 2017. Consistent with other COH definitions, such as the Canadian Definition to End Homelessness and the Canadian Definition of Youth Homelessness, the Definition of Indigenous Homelessness will be available online and widely promoted through the Homeless Hub’s social media networks.

To support this effort, we are seeking to partner with an Indigenous graphic designer to develop the deliverables listed below. The successful contractor will work closely with the COH Communication’s Team and the author of the definition, Jesse Thistle.

Create a designed PDF of the definition, approximately 30 - 35 pages in length. We would like the design to be simple, similar to the feel of the definitions linked above, while reflecting the unique and collaborative nature of the Definition of Indigenous Homelessness.
1 infographic
Promotional material : 1 twitter image, 1 Facebook image, 1 website banner

All deliverables must: Be in English and French (translations to be provided by the COH).

Designed in Adobe inDesign CS6 (or lower), and the designer must provide us with the final inDesign package.
Compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).
Part 3. Proposals

Interested parties should submit brief proposals covering the following:

About you: Tell us about you/your firm. Describe your process for working with clients.

Deliverables: Based on the excerpt of the definition provided, what would you consider and/or draw from as you designed the deliverables listed above?

Costs: Please provide a fee estimate. Final prices can be determined once contractors have been shortlisted and deliverables finalized. Fees should include the deliverables in Part 2 and any applicable taxes.

Timing: Indicate when you are available to start this work and approximately how long it will take.

Experience: Provide examples of your work or a link to your portfolio. Please provide 2-3 references from recent clients.

Part 4. Submissions

Please submit your proposals and any supplementary materials to Steph Vasko, Director of Communications, at svasko[at] by August 4th, 2017 at 5:00PM. We will contact shortlisted candidates by August 8th, 2017 to discuss the project requirements in greater detail. Applicants should be based in Canada.

Application deadline: 
Friday, August 04, 2017