People of Colour only support circle - Thurs July 21

Thursday, July 21, 2016

As some of you know, earlier this year I began something I am calling the Community Healers Project, which something I consider to be a legacy project coming out of my work over several years with Frontline Partners with Youth Network (see for more info).  The vision is to create regularly meeting support  and self-care circles in different parts of the city for frontline youth and community workers, where they can listen and learn from each other.
I coined the term 'community healers' at some point (2011?) during an FPYN session, to properly name the relational, emotional and spiritual work that youth workers were doing in caring for young people and to emphasize the importance of this work when the fabric of community is fragmented -  leaving undone many tasks that a healthy society would normally do, in providing for its children and young people. The work can be compelling and meaningful yet youth and community workers encounter complex challenges as they grapple with collective issues and institutional structures with just their personal resources.  This often leads to burnout and health issues. 
I also chose this name for the project because I want to critique the idea that self-care is only something we do as individuals, that wellness can be had for individuals even if the community or environment they live in is toxic or non-supportive.  We all need to recharge to do the work of caring for the community, and yet we need connection and safe nourishing community to do that.  
I'm sending out the posting for the CHP event I am hosting next week, and hoping you will share with your network.  If you would like to be on the regular email list for Community Healer Project planning meetings and support circles please let me know. 
Trauma, stress and overwhelm have been rippling through our communities of colour due to many recent events.  In light of this, Community Healers Project will be hosting a People of Colour only support circle on Thurs July 21 2016 from 6 to 9 pm at Youth Action Network (1489 Dupont St).
This will be a chance for People of Colour who care-take young people, families and community to come together.  There will be food, hugs, a check-in and discussion if that feels right, and some type of healing modality will be available (I'm still figuring out what that will be or look like).
Please RSVP to  by Tues July 19 if you are coming, as numbers would be good to know around planning the food.  
Please share widely to those you think would find this relevant or helpful.
The Community Healers Project is a legacy project of Frontline Partners with Youth Network, supported by Youth Action Network.  We are creating spaces for frontline community and youth workers to come together and share resources that support their own well-being and in turn the well-being of the community.  For more information please go to and
We seek to create an inclusive culture and welcome for those who experience institutionalized sexism, racism, classism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, gender oppression, chronic health issues or other types of difference that cause marginalization.  We are just beginning our journey and have limited resources but please help us by talking to us about how we can make it easier for you to attend and participate in our events.