Mish Mash Recipe

If anyone wants to do something like the Mish Mash here's the recipe:

  • Make it ridiculously, undeniably useful to frontline workers and your list will grow far beyond frontline workers.
  • Validate the experiences of frontline workers and celebrate the brilliance of this VITAL, unrecognized and unnamed work (funders + other non-frontline people will end up witnessing because they've also joined the list).
  • Create a sense of connection with frontline workers to each other so they don't feel so alone.
  • Name and cut through the toxic, neo-liberal, non-profit industrial complex messages that are causing disease and trying to define the work.
  • Prioritize supporting and promoting the work of grassroots groups.
  • Tell the truths of frontline workers without frontline workers getting in (more) trouble by listening carefully and protecting confidentiality.