Information and Network Amplifier - FPYN volunteer position

This position is for someone who LOVES to:

  • organize information - think email inboxes, calendars, contact lists
  • network and grow networks online 
  • coordinate projects and volunteers
  • make sure that excellent resources get to as many people as possible


And someone who:

  • appreciates the work of FPYN or The mish/mash newsletter
  • is reliable, honest and reasonably transparent with your communication (you will say something if you can't do something, don't want to, don't know how to, or are overwhelmed)
  • has great attention to detail


This volunteer position has lots of room for creativity and growth and is approximately 2.5 hrs/week unless you want to do more -there is always more.  It can be done from anywhere including your home as long as you have access to the internet.


To apply, write a brief paragraph on why you're interested by Aug 12 and send it to: