Final 2013-2014 Laidlaw Grant Report and Reflections

It’s not the youth, it’s not the work that burns us out. It’s the systems. It’s the oppression. It’s the lack of appreciation, safety, and support to do the work that we know in our bones is so critical in making a difference in the world.

"When you say the word “revolution”, people imagine throngs of people in protest, battling for their freedom. We remember more often of the revolutions that succeed, but rarely remember the work and sacrifice of the thousands before that made it possible. Sometimes for hundreds of years. After each failed uprising, the oppressive force does everything it can to ensure that they will never rise again. To make them forget. To make them wish they had never stuck their heads out. To make them fear the cost of ever uprising again. Yet, over time, it seems that the traumas of the past either become healed or the new generation that hadn’t directly been impacted by it, are strong enough to fight back again. Because the need is still there. As long as the need is still there, there will always be another group emerging. It’s only a matter of time.

What FPYN has always fought for is for frontline youth workers to be free to speak their truths, to be united, and have that change the realities on the ground. Through healing ourselves, we would become more effective healers for others. For our work, the need is so desperately there still, I can see it. 1500 people signed up to the Mish Mash to receive updates twice a week is one of the greatest expressions of this need. People want to be connected and supported. They will gather in small groups at first and then a bigger group and then even bigger group. As all other movements and changes have happened. For this, I’m finally at the part of my own process, where I have faith. And I can step aside to allow the other warriors to step in and take over. I have simply been blessed to have been a part of the process." 

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