Taking the Stand - Survivors Share their Courtroom Experiences (Toronto) on November 26

On November 26th, Reclaim Your Voice will be hosting our last Toronto event of the year! “Taking The Stand” will explore the theme of taking perpetrators to court, and the courage not to report. This event is sure to be informative for all, especially anyone who has thought about entering this process or is currently in it. We are looking forward to a wonderful gathering of supportive and loving individuals to welcome our speakers.  As always, doors open at 12pm and our event starts at 12:45 pm, sharp. Please see our Facebook event page for more details.

We are very happy to announce that one of the featured speakers for this event will be Jane Doe. Jane Doe is a sexual assault activist, writer and educator. In 1998 after a 12 year battle she successfully sued the Toronto Police Force for negligence and gender discrimination in their investigation of her rape - and sexual assault investigations generally. Her case set legal precedent.  Her book and research are on the curriculum  of universities, colleges and high schools internationally. Jane is interested in discussing the courage of those who choose not to report their rapes/sexual assaults and how to honour that decision. Check out her current project: Sexual Assault: The Roadshow at sexualassaultroadshow.org

We are currently looking for people who want to share their topic-appropriate poetry at this event. Please contact us at info@reclaimyourvoice.org for more information.