Nonprofit Driven 2016 on Oct 19-20


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What trends and issues are top of mind for you and your nonprofit? Hear from top-notch speakers like these at Nonprofit Driven on timely topics and approaches to strengthen our collective nonprofit work.

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Today, we face unprecedented challenges: climate change, labour market transformation, youth unemployment, truth and reconciliation, poverty and the income gap, among many more. However, these challenges can be transformed into opportunities, and the nonprofit sector often takes for granted the role we play in creating solutions for a better tomorrow. Together, we are strong; the power of our collective voice, and our ability to convene the voices of others, helps us create a positive impact in our communities.

We're thrilled to present this timely conversation in which our four compelling sector leaders bring their unique and rich perspectives to consider our sector’s role in driving policy changes that address our society’s biggest challenges.


We're in the driver's seat - The future of evaluation


Our sector can shift evaluation so that it addresses questions that matter to nonprofits. We can create a system that makes it easier and more rewarding for organizations to do meaningful evaluation work as true partners with our funders. This panel will discuss what steps we need to take to make this a reality. Explore how to rethink evaluation as a tool that is truly useful to our work, leads to action, and helps us better serve our communities.


Commissioning 101



Heard the word ‘commissioning’ tossed around a lot lately? While privatization and alternative service delivery are nothing new to our sector, this recent buzzword is about a different kind of process- one that focuses on outcomes, efficiency and cost savings. What are the broader implications for the nonprofit sector? Learn more about what commissioning means, what impact it could have on community based service delivery, and what work is underway in Ontario.



Partnership Project 2.0 A renewed relationship with the Ontario government and nonprofits


The Partnership Project began in 2010 as a process to strengthen the relationship between the Ontario government and nonprofits, co-led by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Since then, the voices of the nonprofit sector have grown in our influence over legislation, regulations, and policies affecting our sector. However, many challenges remain- including better data and research on our sector, regulatory surprises and other barriers to growth, risk-taking and success. How can we work across ministries for a stronger policy environment for our sector? Share your ideas on how we grow this government-sector relationship.


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