Experience Your Life Expo on 25th Sep 2016


Sunday, 25 September 2016 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM (EDT) @  Delta hotel (opposite CN tower)

 FREE Event

THOUSANDS of JOBS, travel, global volunteers and study opportunities under one roof at the prestigious Delta hotel (opposite CN tower). Life is meant to be experienced – not survived!!


Why You Must Attend?

  • Embrace Opportunity THOUSANDS of JOBS, travel, global volunteers and study opportunities will be under one roof. Life is meant to be experienced – not survived!!
  • 2015 Expo was INCREDIBLE. See the VIDEO
  • World Class Exhibitors We have organizations like Doctors Without Borders and Engineers Without Borders that are hiring for positions around the world. We have a remote lodge from deep in the Amazon flying in for the Expo as well as key wilderness retreats like Kenauk Nature. Come understand your study options in Switzerland with Swiss Education Group. Intrepid travel provides tours in over 100 countries. The list goes on! Each one of our exhibitors is selected based on the service they provide and their positive impact on humanity! The energy in the room is like no other.These are truly iconic organization and leaders in their category. Check out the full list at www.experienceyourlife.ca
  • Changing Lives Perspective The Expo has been designed to change lives with invitation-only exhibitors that provide amazing opportunities. We have turned down more organizations then we accept to ensure the energy of our partners matches the energy of Experience Your Life to make the world better!
  • Proven Experience Our founder has travelled to 62+ countries and is bringing the best exhibitors to the Expo
  • Check out www.experienceyourlife.ca