Program Assistant (SUMMER STUDENT)

New Circles Community Services
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Contract - part-time
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Friday, April 25, 2014
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Wed, 04/16/2014 - 11:00

STARBUCKS IS HAVING A JOB FAIR AT JVS MARKHAM!! THEY ARE HIRING 20 BARISTAS AND 10 SHIFT SUPERVISORS!! Starbucks is holding a job fair at JVS Markham on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. They are hiring Baristas and Shift Supervisors for stores in North York, Markham and Scarborough. Event Location: JVS Markham Employment Source, 3780 14th Avenue, Suite 109/110, Markham ON, L3R 9Y5 REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED!! PLEASE CALL US AT 905-470-9675 AND PLEASE SEND YOUR RESUME TO DENISE ALEXIS.


Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - Don’t Give Up, Unite

Hi Keli and everyone at fpyn,

In reading your heartfelt email, I felt myself getting super emotional and feeling  your pain, our pain as frontline youth workers, advocates and believers of being stewards for those that come after us, the next generation. I have been with you since the beginning. When I returned to Canada in 2008 (after working with at-risk youth in the New York and New Mexico for nearly 15 years), a friend of mine gave me your website and I have been receiving your newsletter/emails weekly ever since.


Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - Going Around the Mountain

Guys, forget the guilt, sadness, anger, etc.  You only have to ever be ashamed if you do not do your job as best as you can.  

If you truly believe in something, you will find a way to make it happen no matter what.  Sometimes you have to go around the mountain rather than trying to go through it.

Best wishes,
Barbara Spyropoulos


Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - Beaurocrazy Fatigue

Hello to everyone at and part of FPYN:

I read your statement and update this morning and had the realization that this could and may also be me and the ***** network at some time. We do not know yet if our city funding proposal will be accepted. Even though they were to inform everyone by mid-February. And every 6 months I spend hours even days giving them every little detail in reports to prove what I and we do matters.


Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - Right Side of That Battle

thank you people behind fpyn for the work you've done, the work you do, and the work you'll inevitably do in the future.

i was a frontline youth worker for three years...your emails (and eventually website) helped me understand i wasn't alone in the challenges and rewards that come with doing this kind of work. your efforts do not and will not go unnoticed.


Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - Like Stan Rogers The Mary Ellen Carter you will 'Rise Again!'

Listen to that song

Have some final Lights Out Events to stir the ashes + kindle the next fire

Draw up distinguished high leverage guest list….

Think FPYN is and was very important and that we should think about how to keep the Impulse Alive like a flame being kindled and held until it can catch fire again

It will catch fire again!!

-Tim Greenwood



Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - FPYN has been a Great Resource

I just wanted to express my sadness with the ending of FPYN.

FPYN has been a great resource for me and my colleagues over here at Jane-Finch.com.

I want to wish everyone at FPYN the best success in the future and I hope to see your fantastic work live on.

Thank you for everything that you guys do.

-Paul Nguyen


Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - Not Alone Trying to Fight the Good Fight

WOW!  As someone on the outside looking in, I cannot tell you how your email touched my heart. I look forward to your emails as I am able to provide the youth I work with the information you send me.  I also use the quotes you use to inspire my coworkers and again the youth I work with.  I am a Youth Educator.  Our program is run completely through fundraised dollars and grants.  The grants have come to an end.  We have gone from a team of 5 to 2.  As I read your most recent post, it resonated more than words can say.


Responses to “We are Sorry” letter - I’m Still In




FPYN is alive and well and like the movie inception its engineers and architects will redesign, its that passion that will carry it through its almost inevitable evolution

I'm still in...

Been in...

And not going anyway except more towards being in...

Funding, its a slippery soccer game (more like shaolin soccer than fifa) at times and they ice down the field making it ever difficult to gather traction, keep footing and only focus on the passion of the sport we find so rewarding



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