Community Outreach Worker

Friends In Trouble (F.I.T.)
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Wed, 09/30/2009 - 00:00
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Saturday, September 12, 2009
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Hiring Committee

Community Outreach Worker Employer: Friends In Trouble Youth Initiative Position type: part time /3 days a week (2 positions available) Friends in Trouble (FIT): is a nonprofit youth-run organization that seeks to assist marginalized youth in the Jane-Finch Community and the city at large. We create unique alternative programming that aims to deliver programs in arts and technology; together with mentorship and advocacy services to youth that are often failed by traditional methods. F.I.T.

WI backgrounder: Can't find a home? Discrimination in housing fueled by recession...

Social Determinants of Health(York U) on behalf of Michael Shapcott of the Wellesley Institute

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has released its latest annual report, with a strong focus on discrimination in housing. While everyone is affected by the current recession, not everyone is affected equally. Even before the recession, discrimination in housing was being fueled by a province-wide affordable housing crisis, and all indications are that the problems are growing more intense.

Magazine Contributer (articles, reflections, poetry, art, etc.)

Youth Action Network
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Thu, 08/13/2009 - 00:00
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Youth Action FORUM is a national magazine published by and for youth. FORUM’s mandate is to provide a space for young people to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences with other youth across Canada and to motivate youth to be proactive in their communities.

You Are Here! Newcomer Youth Info Website

You Are Here! is live - www.newyouth.ca

You Are Here! is an exciting new website for newcomer youth across Ontario. The website has information on finding work, staying healthy, getting around a city, immigration issues, and the school system in Ontario.

Newcomer youth can read articles or watch informative videos, and find services, programs, and youth events near them. They can also comment and ask questions about specific topics, which will be moderated and responded to by the OCASI youth website team.

Recommended readings: Supporting Indigenous Struggles

various sources

Recommended readings - follow up from the FPYN workshop: Supporting Indigenous Struggles in Canada: starting the journey" held on July 9, 2009 Hi all, There are many resources on Indigenous Rights and Indigenous issues in Canada that make good starting points. Rather than catalogue them all, I am just going to name a few that have been personally very useful for me. If anyone would like a paper copy of my presentation, I'd be happy to provide that. Please let me know. As it's still in development, I'm reluctant to send out an electronic copy right now.

Racism's Hidden Toll

Miller-McCune magazine

"Does the stress of living in a white-dominated society make African Americans get sick and die younger than their white counterparts? Apparently, yes."

Ryan Blitstein. Racism's Hidden Toll. Miller-McCune. June 15, 2009.
Cover story in Miller-McCune magazine, focuses on Arline Geronimus's research:

For more information on how "Inequality is Making Us Sick" check out:



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