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Art Hustle: Design, Facilitation & Negotiation for Deep Community Engagement - various dates until Nov 23

Just sharing that I’ll be working with a fierce crew of community artists & TYES facilitators to host a program for young leaders & change makers interested in refining skills for doing creative & critical community engaged organizing! We’ll be covering things like “Designing for engagement,” “Trust Building,” “Hosting Inclusion,” “Artful Anti-Oppression,” "Conflict Negotiation” & “Animating Justice” among other things! Youth can expect teachings, dialogue and lots of art making!

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Structural Determinants of Youth Bullying and Fighting in 79 Countries

Journal of Adolescent Health


The prevention of youth violence is a public health priority in many countries. We
examined the prevalence of bullying victimization and physical fighting
in youths in 79 high- and low-income countries and the relations between
structural determinants of adolescent health (country wealth, income
inequality, and government spending on education) and international

Reclaim Your Voice on Oct 22

Every month, Reclaim Your Voice provides safe spaces for survivors of various forms of abuse to share their stories before a supportive audience. Since 2012, over 75 people have broken their silence at our events. If you are tired of carrying the shame of what has happened to you, we encourage you to attend our October 22nd event, either to speak or to listen. You may find tremendous comfort in connecting with those who have walked similar paths.

Fall 2016 seminars (various topics)

Tuesday September 20th, 2:30-4:00pm
Room: 626 Kaneff Tower
Title: The Syrian Crisis Through Film and Displacement, Defiance and Hope, A presentation and a screening by organisers from the Syria Film Festival
Speakers: Adam Riggio: Writer, filmmaker, activist, and professional communicator and Sahel Zreik: One of the co-founders of Syria Film Festival


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